Bishop Ron Barnes

                                                     Ron Barnes is a Native American Indian, born in Robeson County,                                                        North Carolina and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He was educated                                                      at Baltimore City College as well as the University of Maryland.

                                                     Ron’s parents raised him in the environment of the church as well                                                      as prayer and worship in the home. Ron spent his childhood and teen years in the church. Beginning as a young man, he ministered gospel music for many years.

Ron was called to pulpit ministry at the age of 18 and began preaching at age 23. It was then that his evangelism experience appeared to hit acceleration.

God miraculously promoted Ron. Within 7 weeks after his first sermon , he was appointed State Evangelist for Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia and Virginia for his denomination. Ron pastored the fastest growing church in the northeast for his denomination. He was deeply loved by the membership.

Known as a powerful communicator of the gospel, Rev. Ron Barnes has been the keynote speaker to camp meetings, national conferences, and

convocations for the Church of God, Assemblies of God, and some of the largest denominational and independent churches in the nation.
His personal testimony is one of God’s restoration and love. Ron was delivered from the brink of hell and destruction and restored to his ministry on an even greater level. He uses this experience to reach those who have fallen to the depths of despair and to proclaim to them God’s Divine deliverance.


His dear friend, Bishop, Dr. Randy A. White, says of Ron, “He is a man of faith with signs, wonders and miracles, reaching to those broken by life, needing to be put back together again.” Ron has appeared on world-wide television and given his powerful  testimony of God’s miraculous delivering and restoring power of His presence. His testimony was aired on TBN, Daystar, Church Channel, Inspiration and others.

Ron’s deep love for God’s word and powerful revelations of the bible to him are evident in his sermons. God’s faithfulness produces in him messages that are both dynamic and soul stirring. The favor of God is clearly on his life.

Ron stands in the pulpit with courage and boldness to preach the Word under a true anointing, rarely seen in these days. Ron is on fire and bringing the message of God’s saving grace and healing power to the world, proclaiming bodly that Jesus Christ is the answer and that HE and HE alone is worthy of praise and glory, not man or the things of this earth.

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